You've got a big decision to make. You need to take out a mortgage. Whether it's to help finance that big new investment, pay off old loans, or to help you afford your first home, whatever the reason, taking out a mortgage on your house can be a nightmare. Taxes, interest rates, loan size... there are so many things to consider! Taking out a mortgage doesn't have to be a frustrating and painful experience. We can help. provides a great tool designed to help you calculate your mortgage quickly and efficiently so you can make an informed decision. It's easy. Just plug in the price of your home, the down payment you're making, your interest rate, your mortgage rate and our mortgage calculator will do the math for you.

General Definition Questions...
What's a refinance loan?
What's an interest rate?
What does "prime rate" mean?
What does "zero down" mean?
What's a "home refinance" loan?
What does "debt management" mean?
What's a "home equity" loan?
What's a "home purchase" loan?
What's a "debt consolidation" loan?
What's a "reverse mortgage"?
What does "refinancing" mean?

HOME Questions...
Where do I start with looking for homes?
What's better to start with? A condo or a house?
What are the basic steps to selling my house?
What are the basic steps to buying a home?
How is debt from buying a house different from debt from a credit card?

DOWN PAYMENT Questions...
Is the down payment included in the price of the home?
What is the down payment usually?

INTEREST RATE Questions...
What's does it mean when someone says the interest rate is "fixed"?
What does it mean when someone says the interest rate is "variable"?
Who determines the interest rate?
What does it mean when the mortgage rate is "adjustable"?
Is it generally true that the quicker the mortgage, the lower the interest rate will be?

MORTGAGE TERM Questions...
What are the different types of mortgage terms available?
Are there specific mortgage terms, or can someone do a 16.5-year term for instance?
What are the pros and cons of a big mortgage term?
If I haven't completed my mortgage term but want to move, can I still sell the house?

PAYMENT Questions...
Can I do mortgage payments in a different paying plan other than monthly?
What happens if I don't pay my mortgage?

Does real estate always go up?
Can I get a mortgage from a lender other than a bank?
How is real estate different from other "investments"?
How do mortgages differ countrywide, like a California mortgage vs. one from Florida?
Can I set up a mortgage online?
It seems like real estate is a sure-fire investment, but is there a risk of losing money?
What are the "additional costs" really?
Would a personal, specific mortgage quote be free of any fees?
If I have relatively bad credit, is there any way I can still receive a mortgage?
Are there strategies I could apply to snag that great mortgage lead I'd been waiting for?
Is there a major difference to dealing with a mortgage broker versus a loan provider?
Any issues to be aware of with a second or third mortgage, compared with a first one?
What is the most trusted mortgage company?

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